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How I almost got left behind in Italy

And that, my dear faithfuls, bring us to the end of the Italy Travel Diary Feature on my blog. HOWEVER. This cannot be complete without the Episode of “How I met your mother… Continue reading

Funky Florence

Day XVIII; 17. 6. 2010 Breakfast: Cheese and ham sandwich, Orange juice Lunch: Penne al’arrabiatta Dinner: Stracciatella and Pistachio Gelato Today, we went to the Uffizi Palace, home of (literally) millions of paintings… Continue reading

Lazy Day

Day XVII; 16.6.10 Lunch: Traditional flat pasta in tomato and meat sauce, rabbit (yes, rabbit), home- made strawberry ice-cream Dinner: Too sweet butterscotch tiramisu Today we woke up very late, and looked all… Continue reading

Pretty Perugia

Day XVI, 15.6.2010 Lunch: Asparagus Crepes, boiled beans, potatoes and zucchini Dinner: Pizza with four cheese (quattro formaggio)… one blue! >.< Today, we visited the real Perugia in this tiny city's own very… Continue reading

Roaming around Rome

Day XV, 14.6.2010 Lunch: Green Salad and Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Vanilla + Nutella, Coffee and Biscotti Dinner: (Bites out of)- Stuffed Tomato, prosciutto melon, chicken spiral cool thing, slice of pizza, fig pie….phew!!!… Continue reading

Finding Fountains

Day XIV; 13.6.10 Lunch: FAIL Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Bubblegum + Butterscotch. There was also Viagra flavoured Gelato- WEIRD!!! o.O Dinner: Half Margherita Pizza We left our hotel early morning and made 2 stops… Continue reading

Ravishing Rome

Day XIII; 12. 6. 2010 Lunch: Spaghetti all’ amatriciana (bacon, pecorino cheese {tastes like vomit} and chili) Dinner: Sandwich, Gelato (coffee and black cherry) I am, right now, in the train on my… Continue reading

Rome (and other) Random Snippets

Before I launch into the recounting of the six-day trip, here are some sneak peeks: The first thing I see in Rome is a man, in purple pants. Bald men LOVE red pants.… Continue reading

Rearing up for Roma

Day XII; 11. 06. 2010 Lunch: Turkey Cutlet ( made :D ) Dinner: Spaghetti al pomodoro Nothing is consequence happened today. Lazed around watching all Italian TV. Some observations: I saw, many times,… Continue reading

Aquarium Adventures

Day IX; 8.6.2010 Lunch: Maggi Dinner: Fish Today, we went to the most FAIL aquarium of all times. It was one room full of ten different fishies in ten different glass boxes and… Continue reading