Finding Fountains

Day XIV; 13.6.10

Lunch: FAIL Chicken Sandwich
Gelato: Bubblegum + Butterscotch. There was also Viagra flavoured Gelato- WEIRD!!! o.O
Dinner: Half Margherita Pizza

We left our hotel early morning and made 2 stops before reaching our pièce de résistance. These two stops were: War Memorial of Vittorio Emmanuele II on Capitoline Hill, followed by Il campidoglio and l’aracoeli.

The Memorial

The war memorial was a fantastic structure, constructed in the memory of and to honour all the soldiers who died for Italy in WWI. In fact, the building houses the corpse of one soldier. It had architecture and sculptures to die for.

The Memory

Then, we went to campidolglio, a place designed by Michaelangelo.

The Roman Forum

Then, walked to the ruins of ancient Rome. It was a really sunny (although not particularly hot) day, so my spirits were low, but it was still fun. The ruins are divided into 3 parts: The Roman Forum- basically consisting of all the Basilicas, Squares, some arches; The Palatine- kind of like a citadel, this housed all the high-ups and their palaces. It also had the house of the found3r of Rome, Romulus, gardens, temples and the very spectacular Arch of Titus. The third part is, our very own, Colosseum. To say that I felt a part of history as I trawled through the ruins is too much of a cliché.


The Colosseum was incredible, truly majestic. It exuded not just memories, but also the power and glory of battles fought and won. It was a wonderful feeling to walk through its alleys.

After a brief rest, we visited some of the coolest places in Rome.
First, we went to Piazza di Spagna, also known as the Spanish Steps In the piazza, there is boat-shaped fountain designed by Michalenagelo himself. This, incidentally, is the same fountain that Ranbir Kapoor dances to Small Town Girl in front of. I know, weird o.O
When you climb the Spanish Steps, you reach a church across the road. A set-up that was VERY reminiscent of Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre Hill of Paris. The Roman skyline, is pathetic to say the least. There is nothing worth looking at.

Trevi Fountain

Then, we went to, my favourite, Fontana di Trevi. You wouldn’t be wrong if you think I came to Rome JUST for this. It is here that I realised the power of Stone in Rome. The magnificence and elegance that stone possess here in Italy is nowhere else in the entire world. I’d wanted to come here ever since I saw:
1. The Sabrina Movie
2. An Olsen twins Movie
3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
And no, I did not see them yesterday, I saw them several YEARS ago and have wanted to come and make a wish at this very point ever since.

Then, we went to the Pantheon. Now, I, with my HUGELY misplaced sense of geography, thought we would see the Parthenon. Now, you must understand that I have not yet read Angels and Demons and so, thought the Pantheon (which was closed by the time we got there) was a useless, black building that I couldn’t care less about. FYI, if you’ve seen the movie, we had a Gelato exactly where you see Robert Langdon :O :D Oh and, it takes me two days to realise that:
1. Parthenon is in Athens
2. Athens is in GREECE.
3. Greece is not equal to Italy.

Our last stop for the day was Piazza Navona, again, whose significance was lost on me. It houses two absolutely spiffing fountains. The fountain of the 4 Rivers and another, perhaps, unnamed one.

Rome at night, particularly after an exhausting day is breathtaking :)