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The trouble with travel

I’ve always found it hard to write about my travel experiences. I find that the typical reportage style strips away the essential flavours, while too rich a description doesn’t go down very well… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland

The sun had begun its descent as a tiny figure made its way up the hill. With chubby hands clutching a tottering pile of books and wild, curly hair swinging in the breeze,… Continue reading

Yellow Summer

Ours was one of those typical, all-too-commonplace summer romances. And just like the others of our kin, and in spite of our efforts to go on past those sweltering days, we faded and drifted farther… Continue reading

If summer comes, can winter be far behind?

♫ There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clocks in the Hall And the bells in the Steeple too ♫ The Road stretched in front of her, winding, twisting, interminable as it… Continue reading

A Surprise Trip

Excerpts from my Travel Diary: 27 March 2011 I am here in my father’s father’s village. An erstwhile tiny village (atleast in my memory), Jathlana is your typical agricultural village in Haryana. I’ve… Continue reading

The T3 Terminal

[When you read, try and spot the PG Wodehouse influence- Ive been reading too much Psmith ;) ] First thought as I sat down to write about the T3 swanky-as-can-be Terminal? This place… Continue reading

The Colour Crisis

~ 50th Post ~ The thing is, I have been to two South-Indian states in the past 2 years, and have noticed a recurring characteristic which I don’t know to be true for… Continue reading


We took a flight at 10 AM from the IGI (The T3 terminal!! {more about that later}) to Goa via Mumbai. The flight was uneventful, the food was unremarkable (vegetarian)..but I did watch… Continue reading


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