The Colour Crisis

~ 50th Post ~

The thing is, I have been to two South-Indian states in the past 2 years, and have noticed a recurring characteristic which I don’t know to be true for states other than Kerala and Goa.

The characteristic, you may wonder?
‘Tis the ability to choose the worst kind of colour combinations for their walls. And I mean, the facade, side and back walls of houses. Its almost painful to see the ridiculous combinations these people come up with.
Here’s a glimpse:

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Its almost like, each family member picks their favourite colour, the family zeroes down on any voila! I mean absolutely no offense to ANYONE! This is simply a reflection on the prevailing state of..colours down South.

We were just ruminating about the various causes that may be responsible for this over-excitement, and came up with a few theories.

1. Everything in the South is so simple, in terms of the lives they lead, the way they think and their environment. I mean, they have a fairly limited amount of colour prevailing in their environment. Sure, its a lot prettier than what we have in the North, but its still just yellow and blue interspersed with green. Quite like the people in Jodhpur who paint their houses blue to perk up the desert atmosphere (and also because they are shaivites), the people in these coastal states paint their houses as they liven up the neighbouring areas, and perhaps, in an attempt at self-expression.

2. They have horrible colour sense. Sure, everyone wants their house to be different, unique, the best etc etc, but really now. I’ve always wondered (particularly in context of two adjoining buildings), what was the person who painted his house after the first one thinking?! That is, say owner of Building A paints it an eye-watering blue. Shouldn’t his neighbour, all a-fire with the need to paint his house consider the repercussions of an eye-watering pink next to it? However, it is equally amusing to see when the owner of Building B paints his house a lovely, soft mauve so it doesn’t clash with the pink of Building C!!

In Goa, I even came across a Maggi-coloured building. The owner had artistically painted the ENTIRE building red, and proceeded to line the walls with a sunny yellow..such a nice man, no?
The prize for Most Innovative Painting EVER, however, must go to a house that had each subsection of a wall painted a different, gaudy color. I couldn’t take a picture of the house because it was on the highway, but I cannot let you go without a glimpse. And so,

Created on Paint by yours truly. The colours were almost exactly these. Enjoy :)