We took a flight at 10 AM from the IGI (The T3 terminal!! {more about that later}) to Goa via Mumbai. The flight was uneventful, the food was unremarkable (vegetarian)..but I did watch Robot (more about that later too).

So anyway, we landed in Goa at approximately 3 PM and were whisked off to our hotel. To get there, we drove through almost half of the state, which was nothing special to look at. Just the usual villages and coconut trees. There was one very interesting thing…but..yes, more about it later :P

The hotel lobby was pretty posh looking and we were welcomed with a yellow liquid in champagne glasses..which turned out to be Appy Fizz (WHAT a downer). The day was spent lazing on the deck chairs around the pool, sipping fresh lime soda and devouring Artemis Fowl :D
Late evening, we decided to hit the beach which was 2 minutes walk from our room.
[I have always thought that if I was ever a character in Percy Jackson, I would be a daughter of Poseidon. I just LOVE the sea. The melancholy and strength it signifies just awes me.]
And so, we stood at the edge of the sand, letting the foamy sea lap against our feet as we watched the huge red moon (it was the 19th) replace the sun amongst the palms. In case you’re wondering, I felt dreamily poetic (most uncharacteristic).

Early next morning..and i mean EARLY, we went for another sea-side stroll and managed to walk endlessly before realizing that it would take us equally long to get back ;)

Early Morning Sea

The breakfast buffet was gooood, after which we went back to the beach and spent a couple of hours frolicking in the sea.
Mind you, today was holi, and so we were a little sad about the markedly absent gujiya..but the sea provided enough opportunities to be indignantly doused with water ;)
We also saw several people do para sailing (I refused), some others do some kind of funny motor boat water sport-and fall, bought interestingly patterned sarongs and debated about eating a tiger prawn (I wanted to, mom and mili refused, dad’s allergic).
The rest of the evening was spent in the pool, playing frisbee with my sister, listening to a newly wed couple fight (TOTALLY funny) and praying for India to lose.

The Pool

My sister and I jumped into the pool almost immediately after breakfast and indulged in assorted pool related activity till mid afternoon, when a group of guests was taken around the state for sightseeing. We went to temple where we had to walk on the hot floor barefoot (NOT fun), a church which Im supposed to have already visited, but had no memories of, a market place and a cruise along the Mandvi river in Panaji. It was a little unfortunate how we drove cross-state in an hour, but apart from that, everything was enjoyable enough. We also befriended a French mother-daughter duo (the French…they find me EVERYWHERE). The cruise was not too much fun, being as it was, a purely commercial exercise. The view was splendid though. Dinner was, among other dishes, squid and prawn salad :D (I had no idea till I asked the waiter).

The next morning (our last), we went to the beach before breakfast, got slapped in the face by huge amounts of salt and generally mistreated by the sea (fun in retrospect, though :P) and then…it was au revoir time.
The flight back was ANNOYING because apparently, IndiGo doesn’t like entertaining its passengers with those tiny TVs :S

All in all it was just wonderfall :P

Last Look