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The trouble with travel

I’ve always found it hard to write about my travel experiences. I find that the typical reportage style strips away the essential flavours, while too rich a description doesn’t go down very well… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland

The sun had begun its descent as a tiny figure made its way up the hill. With chubby hands clutching a tottering pile of books and wild, curly hair swinging in the breeze,… Continue reading

Tomorrow is another time

Two years ago, I moved out of the warm and protective shelter of DPS RK Puram into the churning waters of Delhi University into the breezy and watchful shelter of Lady Shri Ram… Continue reading

The Bus Chaser

I’d see him every day. The bus would descend the flyover and he would appear, running straight ahead with one arm raised, an indescribable expression on his face. He’d barely make it each time.… Continue reading

Writer’s block

It’s a painful process, I’ll have you know. And not imaginary, as I had scoffed for most of my life. It’s not unlike the loss of a loved one, except that that person… Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air

Written for an assignment. The call for a new batch of troops had come yesterday. Nobody had bothered to stop by our house and inform us- none of us in the family were… Continue reading

In search of some good sense: Talaash

No spoiler alert, really. But shoo if you liked the movie. So I watched Talaash. We all did. And it was spectacularly disappointing. But here’s something I realized while talking to someone. Not… Continue reading

No regret, no resolution, no reservation.

To put it gently, the end is nigh. Er, who believes that anyway, right? But I got thinking. What if, it really is the end of the world on Friday? I don’t have… Continue reading

So much for Comic Relief

[Originally Published on this blog on July 3, 2012 and subsequently lost to the Internet Gods] I cannot hold back anymore, I feel I MUST speak up on this national hullabaloo over the… Continue reading

Yellow Summer

Ours was one of those typical, all-too-commonplace summer romances. And just like the others of our kin, and in spite of our efforts to go on past those sweltering days, we faded and drifted farther… Continue reading