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In search of some good sense: Talaash

No spoiler alert, really. But shoo if you liked the movie. So I watched Talaash. We all did. And it was spectacularly disappointing. But here’s something I realized while talking to someone. Not… Continue reading

So much for Comic Relief

[Originally Published on this blog on July 3, 2012 and subsequently lost to the Internet Gods] I cannot hold back anymore, I feel I MUST speak up on this national hullabaloo over the… Continue reading

Surely you’re joking, Mr. Jud I. Ciary

I met her at a party some ten years ago. She had come with her cousin- who was a friend of mine. I distinctly remember liking her a lot more than I liked… Continue reading

The End of an Era: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

It was with immense enthusiasm that I went to watch the 10:30, eaarly morning show of HP7.2 at DT Cinemas, DLF Promenade. The mall was empty and reminiscent of all those locked-in-the-mall-horror stories… Continue reading

Pottermore, or Pottersnore?

So I was one of the (I dont know how many other) Harry Potter addicts on the planet who opened and waited breathlessly for the website to open, so we could see… Continue reading


Phew…these holidays have been EVENTFUL I went to the Book Fair, bought 22 books and have been systematically devouring them. Some of the books and what I thought: 1. Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress… Continue reading

Sheila vs. Munni: The Final Verdict

I address this blog post to the interesting happenings of one particular Friday, which forced me not only to think, but also, to most forcefully assert my opinion. Now, I’m sure all of… Continue reading