The End of an Era: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

It was with immense enthusiasm that I went to watch the 10:30, eaarly morning show of HP7.2 at DT Cinemas, DLF Promenade.

The mall was empty and reminiscent of all those locked-in-the-mall-horror stories I read as a kid, but the crowd milling outside the theatre was reassuring, and insolently reminded us of our first-row tickets.
But what’s a sacrifice in the name of Harry Potter?

The movie was in 3D and obviously, I was extremely excited all thanks to the futuristic, virtual-reality-simulation-3D-glasses and the fantastic visuals that arrest your attention, right from the opening credits.
The movie is absolutely breathtaking. David Yates has managed to recreate some of the most fantastic elements of the magical world of Harry Potter effortlessly- from the dragon to the dementors and giants. The dragon escape from Gringotts is captured in such an amazing way, the Prince’s tale- or Snape’s little flashbacks are portrayed beautifully, and are rendered more coherent and awesome by the little snippets from the previous movies.

My favourite part of the movie HAS to be the battle at Hogwarts. The battle preparation, to be precise. Marred only by the tiny little joke by McGonagall, the creation- and indeed, the destruction of the shield around Hogwarts, the turrets falling, staircases and paintings breaking are all scenes that are beautiful for the terror they inspire. I felt a huge, genuine sorrow in my heart as I watched my beloved Hogwarts crumble. It was a heart-wrenching moment, when it hit me that Hogwarts would never, ever be the same again.

There are some very absurd parts in the movie (like the deaths of Voldemort and Bellatrix), for reasons I cannot fathom, but I would rather not dwell on those. I’d like to live with the good parts of the movie, than the bad.

I dunno really how to describe the movie, or the experience any further. It doesn’t feel like the end of it all. At all.
All over the papers and Internet, people are talking and reminiscing about the series because apparently, it’s all over. But I refuse to believe that, or let that feeling sink in.
Harry Potter can never, ever be over. Never. How can you expect it to be over, when that Gryffindor spirit lives inside me, when I peer inside every hat for that glint of the Sword, when I dream of the Hogwarts kitchens and grounds some nights, when I see a full moon rising in the sky and the Whomping Willow silhouetted against it? Those things can never go away, ‘cuz they are a part of me.

And for that, this post’s name becomes a misnomer(of sorts). It is NOT the end of an Era. It can never be.