Sheila vs. Munni: The Final Verdict

I address this blog post to the interesting happenings of one particular Friday, which forced me not only to think, but also, to most forcefully assert my opinion.

Now, I’m sure all of us have been subject to the intense debate of Great National Importance that has been doing the rounds in the form of SmS jokes, forwards and what not. The Question of :

Sheila or Munni?

I have been unfortunate enough to be subjected to passionate debates, interspersed with interjections, not only in school, but by my own parents. And surely, if it is profound enough to be discussed in the hallow halls of my home, it must find itself mentioned in here.

Now, to begin with, I am not a huge fan of these item numbers for all the obvious reasons:
1. I am a girl
2. I am not a thin girl
3. I like my lyrics to make sense
4. I don’t like crass Haryanavi behaviour which is so typical f all these songs in general (which is not to say all Haryanavi’s are crass, I just don’t like the crass variety)
However, if the song is catchy, I find myself counted as one of those who shamelessly hum these tunes at inappropriate moments like, say, Scholar Badge practice or English classes.

Getting back to the topic of Great National Importance,
I have here, a simple table outlining the basic plus points and flaws of each, a propos of me.

Property Munni Sheila Who wins? Remarks
Movie Dabangg Tees Maar Khan Neither Each worse than the other
Actress Malaika Arora Khan Katrina Kaif Munni Atleast she can act
Lyrics Make Sense Make no Sense Munni “My Name is Sheila, Sheila ki Jawaani” Really? What kind of a name is that?!
Song Catchy Very singable Sheila Most people have a tendency to sing Munni off-key. On the other hand, the “What’s my name..” of Sheila is severely addictive
Picturisation Vulgar Sophisticated Sheila No drunk people, just some trained dancers in the vicinity
Dancing Vulgar, too much latka-jhatka Belly Dancing, after much training Sheila
(Avoids saying body) Look Thin as a stick Fit Sheila I will not comment on the curves. I don’t look for them
Age Zandu Baam “Jawaani” Sheila No-brainer

So yeah, as you can see, Sheila wins it for me!