Pottermore, or Pottersnore?

So I was one of the (I dont know how many other) Harry Potter addicts on the planet who opened Pottermore.com and waited breathlessly for the website to open, so we could see what JKR had in mind for us now. I actually counted down the last few seconds on the youtube page- REALLY loudly :P
I now wish I’d taken a screen-shot of the little owl-infested countdown page. It was rather pretty.

I had participated excitedly in the little Secret Street View thing she had created- also how pottermore was brought to the public’s attention. It was basically a treasure hunt where you had to trawl through various Harry Potter fan sites, find the specific 10 websites that had a set of co-ordinates each. These co-ordinates had to be fed into a website- secretstreetview.com– which would take us to a particular Harry Potter-related location. We would also find an alphabet at each of the locations. Put the 10 letters together, and you have the word ‘Pottermore’.

And then there was pottermore.com itself. A website that mischievously proclaimed to hold some great Harry Potter secret inside its gates- firmly locked till 4:30 IST, 23rd June 2011.

SO anyway.
The youtube page I’ve mentioned above suddenly dissolved into these great clouds and:

^Self-conscious :P
I LOVE the animation. Its SO SO SO cool :D

That, unfortunately, is where my excitement ended. I was severly disappointed to learn of how this was just going to be a Mugglenet-controlled-by-JKR kinda place. A place where you could share and see Harry Potter extra trivia- rediscover the stories in a new way? Not really.


On googling Pottermore, I found something EXTREMELY interesting.
So its NOT Mugglenet. It’s a virtual Hogwarts, do-it-yourself thing!
Obviously, my excitement knows NO bounds :D

Having said that, I’d like to pause the hysteria.
Even though I’m super-excited and rearing to go, I cannot help but wonder. How long must this go on?
I mean, its an absolutely splendid concept, and I’ll finally get to go to Hogwarts!! (I wrote an an amazing essay about that 4 years ago :’) ) but, isn’t it time for all of us to move on? I’m frankly surprised at Mugglenet.com. To me, its the perfect example of persistence. It was the strongest, and the most visited-website when the series was still incomplete and now, when its been 4 years, its still going strong. Yes, they’re now completely occupied with the movies, but the last ones out in less than a month- and then what?

It’s pretty obvious that JKR needed to do something to keep the Triwizard Flame that is burning inside all of us up and burning- and this is absolutely fantastic- but all I can think is come onnnn.
First, there was Tales of Beetle the Bard (absolutely boring), then the Dumbledore is gay thing (:O – oh really? Was the fact that you ruined the clean, kindly way so many young kids always loved and respected him REALLY the only way to remind everyone of the series?!). There’s also that encyclopedia I had really hoped pottermore would be, but isn’t.

And now, pottermore.
I really can’t decide whether I like this or not.
Right now, my head’s like:
– I mean, its high time I moved on from Harry Potter.
– But this is so cool. I’ll get to be in Slytherin and shamelessly evil :D
– You’re almost 18 now. GROW upp.
* grabs Philosopher’s stone and runs into corner *

I’m confused. I’ll grow up. I’ll grow out. But when will JKR?