The T3 Terminal

[When you read, try and spot the PG Wodehouse influence- Ive been reading too much Psmith ;) ]

First thought as I sat down to write about the T3 swanky-as-can-be Terminal?
This place has NO clocks.

So anyway, my first look of this Terminal was of an extremely futuristic building with plants hanging off the balconies (I have a soft side for this style of gardening- very European) which, on closer inspection, turned out to be the Multi-level parking building. Très cool, huh?
Our car pulled up in front of the Terminal, which is unlike the older one (which was renovated sometime in 2009) in only the fact that the gates are outlined by this huge structure in red- funny, but works.

Well, it is most certainly International-looking. That sleek silver, that smell of coffee and other sweet confectioneries…I’m impressed! There were lots of Holi and Cricket World Cup decorations all over the place- still intact and quite artistically put together. The Duty-free (hardly so, for us) is very pretty too with all of their tempting goods on display.

And yet, inspite of all that prettiness, a certain dearth of dustbins and clocks is noted by the Keen Observer. But then, I do have a tendency to nitpick.

They also have Travellators!! Woohoo!
They tend to amble along a little, slower than the ones I’ve previously travellated upon abroad, but still, I love that heady feeling of walking fast on them.
My sister and mother are taking rides on the ‘buggy’ that abound in this area.

The cool thing is, these travellators go on for a long distance, which, from where I stand culminates in a huge window that overlooks the runway. Very at world’s end-esque. So, being the Keen Observer, I decided to travellate to the end of the world.
Some pictures for you to savour, in full-size too :D

The World's End Angle #1

Angle #2. Observe the lone ranger lounging.

Oh and, did I mention, the World, is Flat :P :D

Another extremely interesting phenomenon was entire cantonments of Army men travellating up and down the Travellators. On a loop- there and back again, there and back again…ha ha. Very Amusant.

Yeh desh hai veer jawanon ka?