How I almost got left behind in Italy

And that, my dear faithfuls, bring us to the end of the Italy Travel Diary Feature on my blog.


This cannot be complete without the Episode of “How I met your mother almost got left behind in Italy”

So here we were on the 19th, spending an extremely lazy day in Milan, watching lots of Jersey Shore (the ONLY English program on MTV Italia) and chatting around on the internet. We ate some good food (Turkey cooked in Orange Pulp…DE-licious) and after chucking most of our (dirty and much travelled-in) clothes into the suitcases, we go to sleep. Mind you, its about 10 in Italy = 1 in India. On a whim, I decide to check our tickets, just to see what time our flight is tomorrow night/day-after morning.

Did I say tomorrow night/ day-after morning? Well, exactly.

Much to my absolute HORROR, our flight was in fact TOnight/ Tomorrow Morning. Can you imagine my absolute craziness? I, don’t do this my dear readers. I’m organised and clean and I KNOW what will happen next..that’s why I always read the last page of all books first. To say the least, I freaked out and refused to go to sleep for the remainder of that fateful night.


That’s all there is, there isn’t any more!

(In case you’re wondering why that sounds so familiar, it’s the last line from all Madeline episodes)