Aquarium Adventures

Day IX; 8.6.2010

Lunch: Maggi
Dinner: Fish

Today, we went to the most FAIL aquarium of all times. It was one room full of ten different fishies in ten different glass boxes and that’s it. No kidding. Finito del storyo (ha ha..marvel at my Italian, people!) (It’s all fake Italian)
Oh yeah, and there were turtles outside that didn’t move, so maybe they were fake too…
BUT the building was INCREDIBLE. The detail and the finesse left me in no doubt of the absolute superiority of the building, if not its contents and I was spell bound. What it lacked on the inside, it made up for with the outside.
The weather was great- cloudy with no sign of sun or rain. A perfect day for lovers (that were ALL over the place). It’s times like these that wish you had blinkers…

Day X; 9.6.2010

Lunch: Pizza, Fragole al limone (strawberries in lemon juice- yummy!!)
Dinner: This thing with cheese, parmesan cheese, ham and eggs (too fattening looking to be enjoyed)

Early Morning, a.k.a., at 10 AM we set off to the swimming pool. Yayee!!??
No, not really.
Because, this was NOT a swimming pool. It was, in fact an aqua gym for (very) old ladies.
Turns out, my sister and me were the only two people in the entire complex under the age of 50. So, anyway, once the ladies were done, my sis and me took over the pool, I was swimming for the first time in 2 years (it took me that long to gather the courage to put on a swimming costume) and well, I love being the water baby that I am.
There was a jacuzzi, but I liked swimming better.
And there were no changing rooms!! :O
Just lockers and…HAIRDRYERS!!!! Can you believe that?!

Day XI; 10. 6. 2010

Lunch: Veal Ravioli
Dinner: Rajma and pasta soup, hamburger with lemon

I found myself, once again at the aqua gym. Same as yesterday, except I spent more time in jacuzzi today. F.U.N.

These were the days between Venice and Rome, so there wasn’t much activity, as you can see…