Rome (and other) Random Snippets

Before I launch into the recounting of the six-day trip, here are some sneak peeks:

    The first thing I see in Rome is a man, in purple pants.

    Bald men LOVE red pants. Red, bordering on pink (think walls of my room)

    Shehtoot (known as fruit del bosco) flavoured Gelato is pretty awesome.

    Italians love Audrey Hepburn (a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s and {is it any surprise} Roman Holiday)

    Rome has special trees known as Umbrella Pines. (having grown up watching Disney’s Hercules and Alladin, I was considerably excited)

    Rome is less clean and sharply cut than Milano and a lot more rustic and lovely.

    I had heard of Rome’s horrible traffic, but it wasn’t that bad. Just, really, REALLY noisy.

    In Milan, we have two rows of traffic, and one row of parked cars on the right side. In Rome, we have one row of traffic and two rows of parked cars (one on either side).

    Rome’s roads are cobbled. So, your teeth rattle and your ears roar as you drive (its fun).

    I saw SO many look-alikes: There were 2 Sadhika’s, one Aishwarya Sachdeva (a boy, though :P) and even a (very chic) Pratibha Kohli :O

    Italy is a whole lot like India.

    I can understand Italian. No kidding. I was actually translating for my sister as she bakes a pie in Perugia.

    Armani rules Italy. There is an Armani complex in Milan where even the flowers and FOOD is Armani!!

    The border of Ananya Khaitan finds itself on many old Italian buildings. (though, I still find I paint it better :P)

That’s all for now.