Lazy Day

Day XVII; 16.6.10

Lunch: Traditional flat pasta in tomato and meat sauce, rabbit (yes, rabbit), home- made strawberry ice-cream
Dinner: Too sweet butterscotch tiramisu

Today we woke up very late, and looked all set for a lazy day together. The sky couldn’t seem to make up its mind about whether it wanted to be cloudy or clear and we weren’t in a mood to do too much globetrotting either. We had been invited by Guilietta’s mother for lunch and so we set off after much dawdling. En route, we stopped by at a factory outlet with some gorgeous clothes. I found a gorgeous waistcoat that I did not look fat in :O, but look at my luck, I had no money :-/
After a good lunch, we went to Guilietta’s other house, far away in some quaint little mountainside corner. Need I say it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever laid my eyes on? That, my friends, is the kind of house I would KILL(or marry a rich man for) for.

Now, we are in the train, on our way to Florence..or Firenze like the Italians say and sitting across from me is a very pretty Chilean girl we met on the station. She is a frequent visitor to India for yoga purposes. She also has a beautiful Italian house and an Italian boyfriend ( who, I’m sure is an equally beautiful).