Ravishing Rome

Day XIII; 12. 6. 2010

Lunch: Spaghetti all’ amatriciana (bacon, pecorino cheese {tastes like vomit} and chili)
Dinner: Sandwich, Gelato (coffee and black cherry)

I am, right now, in the train on my way to Roma. My horoscope for the week said I will meet someone who will take my breath away. The guy sitting next to me sure has: I can’t breathe for fear of inhaling the cigarette smoke and baingan ka bharata smells emanating from his expansive presence. He also has numerous tattoos (including an Om under each ear).The trip is five hours long and I have nothing to do except sleep and eat. So I’ll talk about what I saw this morning. Today, just as we stepped out of the building, we ran into a goth girl. You’ve seen them in the movies, but trust me, theres’ nothing like seeing one (a)live. She had black lipstick, black kohled eyes and black nail paint- but what REALLY caught my eye were her clothes. Black and ripped apart by savage beasts Or so they seemed), her pants were like holes stitched together. Really awesome. She held a cigarette in one hand and was wearing gladiator shoes. She wasn’t hot like normal Italian girls…just depressing to look at somehow.

Rome…is so amaziiing!! There’s like this thing about the city. There are TONS of (lovely) boys, its really sunny unlike the rest of Italy and there are so many people here!! Milan is practically empty in comparison. Ofcourse, us Indians have seen MUCH worse, but I can imagine how claustrophobic a Frenchman would feel here :O Like you scatter rice at weddings, someone’s scattered columns here. Massive columns with Egyptian hieroglyphics spring up absolutely anywhere!

Column at Saint Peter's

Today, we went to Vatican City. We walked to Vatican City, as a matter of fact; our hotel being not so far away from Piazza di Saint Pietro. The Piazza is huge and SO incredible! [I haven’t read Angels and Demons yet so my knowledge and awe is in comparison, restricted]

Saint Peter's Square

The Basilica was, obviously very cool (and yeah, Mili walked into a pole. It was VERY funny ;) )
There were all these sculptures and different coloured marble set into each other..pure Italian artisty awesomeness.

As we explored the inside of the Church, we heard some singing..when we walked towards it, we realized that mass was going on!! We quickly went and sat in the pews and attened the whole thing!! It was a lovely experience…imagine: Mass at the Vatican!! There were lots of priests in green robes and the choir sang SO incredibly..the sound was reverberating throughout the church through the holy silence and all.

Priests during Mass

Then, as Mass ended, everone got up to receive some rice cake thing from the priests and I went along. You know, I wanted to be able to say ki maine Vatican ka namak khaaya hai . Most of the priests were putting the thing into the people’s mouths but the one who was at the head of the queue i was in was putting in the hand, and the people would press it to their foreheads and eat it. So, I thought it would be wise to do the same. I was also kind of scared they’d realize I was not Christan and throw me out for breaking the holyness or something by eating the cake, but figured I’d risk it. And so, this priest guy gives me the cake and I walk away with it. The next thing I know, this big bodyguard jumps on me and starts jabbering in Italian. I’m so terrified it takes me a minute to realize he wants me to eat it. Well, I was going to!! I just didn’t how polite it would be to open my mouth in front of the Holy Priest and all..for Chrissake!!!

Anyway, we come out of the Vatican, look at some Caesar bobbleheads and eat some dinner at this restaurant with this crazy waiter who couldn’t stop being multilingual: English, Italian, French and even Hindi!!