Pretty Perugia

Day XVI, 15.6.2010

Lunch: Asparagus Crepes, boiled beans, potatoes and zucchini
Dinner: Pizza with four cheese (quattro formaggio)… one blue! >.<

Today, we visited the real Perugia in this tiny city's own very tiny Metro.

This tiny artists village-turned-town-that-you've-never-heard-of has a really cool history. It's full of these Italian idiosyncrasies- inter and intra family wars, Pope versus family people wars etc. The erstwhile town now exists below ground under the new Perugia- built by the Pope to show some family it's place. We saw all these old rooms, with the stone walls, artists’ studios etc all as they had existed. The lady with whom we were staying- Guilietta is a history teacher and was able to give us a precious insight into the life of them Italians of old. I amused myself imagining people walking about on the cobbled floors of Perugia, chatting noisily, with their 13th century woes. As melodramatic as it may sound, I felt as though the walls held so many memories that they were just dying to share with me. There was a hush in the underground world which was cool. We also visited a palace, an old university (which is now used by non-Italian people to learn Italian) – all structures built by families to indicate their power and dominance.

We also saw one very amusing building with very interesting sculptures on it. The story goes like, there was a man who built a big house. The guy next to his big house gets jealous and adds a couple of storeys to his house to make it taller than his neighbours new house. Now, the first gut gets real annoyed. So, he gets these sculptures sculpted on his facade. Sculptures, that have huge, grinning lions (presumably the guy’s family emblem) with their tongues sticking out! Now that’s a sweet revenge!!

Its raining cats and dogs outside as I write and my insides are a-dance :)

Also, my sister is learning how to make pies.

Mili and Guilietta

Last Look?
A suicidal man on the 9th floor

Weird Italian People