First Day, First Show

Day I ; 31.5.2010,
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam; Via Mario Donati, Milano
6 AM Local Time

Breakfast: Airline Food, I forget details, but t’was scrumptious.
Lunch: Green and Yellow Pasta in traditional meat sauce, Salad. Discovery of Parmesan Cheese (this proves to be a crucial development since Parmesan shall play an important role as a taste-giver-to-weird-dishes later)
Dinner: Soup with green and yellow pasta, cherry pie…I actually typed out cheery pie ;)

We are here in the super-cool kids lounge at the Schiphol Airport.

The Room of Requirement

These people KNOW how to take care of their kids. There are books, movies, TV, music, games (ALL Dutch though :( ), sleeping bags, bean bags, AC and the very Européen-feel to the whole setup. There are also several Nintendos and Wiis and what have you’s; too bad I don’t care. And Scarborough Fair for background score- woohoo or what? :D Oh and, the bathroom smells of coffee xP

The flight to Amsterdam was great and landing here was really fun. Slept thoda bohot. My sis couldn’t, however, since the guy next to her was apparently stinking up the party ;)
The sky is laden with thick grey clouds and its 11 degrees: a pleasant (albeit a li’l chilly) change from Delhi. As we taxiied (blah. This is MY spelling, lay off MS Word) there appeared a huge ‘crack’ in the sky and suddenly, there was like this huge band of golden-orange fire thingy (the rising sun ki shiny-ness) ringed with molten gold. To say it was beautiful is kind of stupid. I mean, it was! But beautiful doesn’t quite say it. It was… uplifting, and as our plane came to a stop, I actually felt my spirits ‘rise’ inside of me. I always experience weird idiom-waale feelings in Amsterdam*
As I gaze out of the huge glass wall in front of me, I catch the Dutch clouds racing past the sky- all reflected sharply in the building across from mine.
Ah…Europe. Feels like home :P

Milano! Milano! What can I say to you?
Everything here is so clean! The sky is clean, the roads are clean, the buildings are huge, clean-cut structures made of lovely Italian marble.
Every fifth shop is an apparel store: The Prada and Armani fashion houses dotting the roads like raashan shops at home.
Women in high-enough-to-touch-the-sky heels, dressed to kill.

The view from our room

And her house…situated on the 9th floor of a building with almost a gale whipping through its rooms, is a dream. The view is spectacular- obviously and the house is really pretty. She has travelled all over the world and has millions of curios gathered from everywhere scattered all over the place. Our room is really cute- all pink though xP
Everything here just breathes European-ness :D

At first, the noise surprises me. Contrary to the deathly silence of France, Italy is noisy. Cars honk loudly and persistently, tyres continuously screech, dogs bark. Our room is right above a park and on the main road, so we get more of it anyway. Plus, there’s always an Ambulance that’s rushing off someplace, blaring up a storm.

The News at 9 {Screen} is divided in two columns; the right one has your standard made-up lady blabbering news in Italian. On the right however, is another (slightly obese) made-up lady realying the news in sign language. Cool, eh?

I KNOW the post two days too early, but I don’t really have much else to do and this room may be out of bounds for the next couple of days because of the painting, so..savour it!

(Lovin' you is) Cherry Pie