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The trouble with travel

I’ve always found it hard to write about my travel experiences. I find that the typical reportage style strips away the essential flavours, while too rich a description doesn’t go down very well… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland

The sun had begun its descent as a tiny figure made its way up the hill. With chubby hands clutching a tottering pile of books and wild, curly hair swinging in the breeze,… Continue reading

The Colour Crisis

~ 50th Post ~ The thing is, I have been to two South-Indian states in the past 2 years, and have noticed a recurring characteristic which I don’t know to be true for… Continue reading


We took a flight at 10 AM from the IGI (The T3 terminal!! {more about that later}) to Goa via Mumbai. The flight was uneventful, the food was unremarkable (vegetarian)..but I did watch… Continue reading


Just some pics.

Pretty Perugia

Day XVI, 15.6.2010 Lunch: Asparagus Crepes, boiled beans, potatoes and zucchini Dinner: Pizza with four cheese (quattro formaggio)… one blue! >.< Today, we visited the real Perugia in this tiny city's own very… Continue reading

Roaming around Rome

Day XV, 14.6.2010 Lunch: Green Salad and Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Vanilla + Nutella, Coffee and Biscotti Dinner: (Bites out of)- Stuffed Tomato, prosciutto melon, chicken spiral cool thing, slice of pizza, fig pie….phew!!!… Continue reading

Finding Fountains

Day XIV; 13.6.10 Lunch: FAIL Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Bubblegum + Butterscotch. There was also Viagra flavoured Gelato- WEIRD!!! o.O Dinner: Half Margherita Pizza We left our hotel early morning and made 2 stops… Continue reading

Ravishing Rome

Day XIII; 12. 6. 2010 Lunch: Spaghetti all’ amatriciana (bacon, pecorino cheese {tastes like vomit} and chili) Dinner: Sandwich, Gelato (coffee and black cherry) I am, right now, in the train on my… Continue reading

Rome (and other) Random Snippets

Before I launch into the recounting of the six-day trip, here are some sneak peeks: The first thing I see in Rome is a man, in purple pants. Bald men LOVE red pants.… Continue reading