Monthly Archive: July, 2010

An ode to the School Bus

To break the monotony, here’s something I wrote for the Class Newsletter (which will probably NEVER see the light of the day thanks to an uber-busy Principal.) There‚Äôs something magical about the school… Continue reading

Rome (and other) Random Snippets

Before I launch into the recounting of the six-day trip, here are some sneak peeks: The first thing I see in Rome is a man, in purple pants. Bald men LOVE red pants.… Continue reading

Rearing up for Roma

Day XII; 11. 06. 2010 Lunch: Turkey Cutlet ( made :D ) Dinner: Spaghetti al pomodoro Nothing is consequence happened today. Lazed around watching all Italian TV. Some observations: I saw, many times,… Continue reading

Aquarium Adventures

Day IX; 8.6.2010 Lunch: Maggi Dinner: Fish Today, we went to the most FAIL aquarium of all times. It was one room full of ten different fishies in ten different glass boxes and… Continue reading

Va bene, Venezia? [Part deux]

Day VIII, 7.06.2010 Murano Island Breakfast: Caramel Croissant, Cornflakes, Orange Juice (abandoned because it tasted like someone had poured the canal water in it) Lunch (You HAVE to gasp and die when you… Continue reading

Va Bene, Venezia?

Day VII, 6.6.2010 Casa del Melograno, Venice What a dream of a place: romantic, picturesque…the whole nine yards right? Well….yes. But, even as I write this, I feel disappointed. Venice seems to be… Continue reading

Purple, Purses and Pizza

Day VI; 5.6.2010 Lunch: (Slices of) Pizza Napoletana (kacchi tomato sauce), Pizza Marinara (VERY salty fish) Dinner: Salad with tomato and Mozzarella, Pizza, Lentil + Tofu Soup Today we went to the Saturday… Continue reading

Ciao, Castello!

Day V; 4.6.2010 Lunch: Weird Potato stuff (known as Gnochhi) + weird Tomato Sauce, Life-saving Parmesan Snack: Lemon (Limone) + Vanilla Chocolate Chip (Stracciatella) Gelato Dinner: Lentil Soup, Tikki with ham and mozzarella… Continue reading

Music of Mongolia

Day IV; 3.6.2010 Breakfast: Plain milk, bread and butter, yoghurt Lunch: Ham patty with lemon, salad, fruit salad (1 spoonful) Snack: (Too many) Nachos Snack (part 2): Horrible rice crackers Dinner: Smoked Salmon,… Continue reading

George and Gelato

Day III; 2 Guigno, 2010 Breakfast: Same as earlier, minus the banana Lunch: McChicken, Fries, Coke Snack: Green Apple (Mela Verde) Gelato {the cone tasted all burnt-out, so that ended up in the… Continue reading