As they walk out the silver gates

January 28th marked a day of great emotional upheaval for me.
It was the day of the School Farewell. The day we bid our seniors farewell.

It is hard for me explain why my eyes filled up with tears as I stood on that high stage, looking at all those people who had come to mean so much to me over these few years. Sure, I know a lot of people in the 12th, but nobody as intimately as I would normally know anyone. They mean a lot to me, but I mean not as much to them, for the simple reason that there’s so many of us to love.
But that’s hardly the point.
The point is, that I look up to these people. I admire and respect them. I cannot disagree with them.
Hell, I love them.


What would life be without anyone to run helplessly to?

Who would tell me those precious little things about how to approach which teacher and how? That would become my job now, as a respectable senior-citizen. But how can I ever replace a Shreya Prakash, a Maanya Sachdeva or a Nandini Parmeshwar?

And who will I ogle shamelessly at, at major school events with the Nayan Banerjees, Dhananjay Goels and Trisha Guptas gone?

The Mehak Kapur, Suvina Singhal, Shagun Gupta and Moulshri Mohans will disappear, taking with them the opportunity to express my distaste of psycho?

Who can I reminisce about DPSMUN with, if Akhil Raina, Aditya Mitra, Arpit Gupta leave?

And WHO will I joke about silly conversations on gmail with, when Vishesh Kumar and Udit Misra are no longer to be seen in and around F-block?

Who will strike me dumb with their awesome-hotness, if they aren’t Tarana Chauhan, Ambika Tandon and all the other dancers?

Even people I no longer speak to very often, have their memories in my heart, with Gauri Sharma, Reva Mann, Sanjeevi Seshadri, Sahil Tandon, Sobhagya Jose, Divya Yadav with the sounds of Theatre and Music and language in general ringing in my ears.

How can I ever forget those priceless moments spent in the company of Nandini, Maanya, Srijit Ghosh and Sannidhi Sharma, laughing and going crazy about abababababababa…

Those long classroom-evading chats in the OAT with Jannat Saini and almost everyone else, those hurried ‘what’s up’s’ with Arjun Sahay, Sarthak, Shivam, Gibran Naushad in the corridors


Who can fill the emptiness, not just of the corridors, but also of my heart?
[I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned you in the post, I racked my brains hard for your name, just didn’t come in time ;)]

I will miss you