Ravioli Rocks!

Day II ; 1.6.2010 9th floor, Milano Breakfast: Hot chocolate, bread, yogurt, banana(gasp!) Lunch: Ham patty with lemon, salad, Ravioli(=amaziiing), Fruit Salad (I avoid; there’s only SO much fruit you can kid me… Continue reading

First Day, First Show

Day I ; 31.5.2010, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam; Via Mario Donati, Milano 6 AM Local Time Breakfast: Airline Food, I forget details, but t’was scrumptious. Lunch: Green and Yellow Pasta in traditional meat sauce,… Continue reading

(Backstreet’s) Back- Alright!

Hello and Welcome to the First Post (officially) of the Gaspin’ (for) Gelatos Travel Series * Applause* This post contains guidelines about this Travel Series. I will be posting every four days. You… Continue reading


The Gaspin’ Gelatos Travel series only on devikablogs.wordpress.com Coming Soon on a PC near you :) Well, coming on(wards from) 22nd June 2010 to be precise :P For updates and random snippets, log… Continue reading

The Girl in the Mirror

The girl in the mirror is someone else, she’s something fresh. She pouts, she twirls on her toes. She stares pointedly if you dare invade her silvery realm- she doesn’t like to look… Continue reading


My first blog post ever. Is dedicated to all the creative people in the world. These are the people who have inspired me and made me believe that anyone, including myself, can create.… Continue reading