Let there be light


Do Dooni Chaar: Take #1393

So I went and saw the movie and without much ado, would like to begin talking about it. Mind you, this is a long review and (not wholly professional, as a result). Oh… Continue reading

The Music Basement

Or more appropriately, Rajesh Sir’s Room Some things are made for soap operas and if you’re on the lookout for one of those, Rajesh Sir’s Room is your one-stop-shot at getting all that… Continue reading

Times of Terror

So I was just going through my files and I realized ki I’ve hardly put up any of my work here… So, since now I am free and completely jobless, I am putting… Continue reading

Roaming around Rome

Day XV, 14.6.2010 Lunch: Green Salad and Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Vanilla + Nutella, Coffee and Biscotti Dinner: (Bites out of)- Stuffed Tomato, prosciutto melon, chicken spiral cool thing, slice of pizza, fig pie….phew!!!… Continue reading

Sans Titre

So. It’s back! :) She just couldn’t look at it anymore. She didn’t raise her head again to look where it lay, pitilessly abandoned. Tara had been sitting there for almost an hour… Continue reading

Finding Fountains

Day XIV; 13.6.10 Lunch: FAIL Chicken Sandwich Gelato: Bubblegum + Butterscotch. There was also Viagra flavoured Gelato- WEIRD!!! o.O Dinner: Half Margherita Pizza We left our hotel early morning and made 2 stops… Continue reading

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

Here’s a book review I wrote for the Psychology Magazine. Hopefully, they shall publish it! WARNING!!: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Please do not proceed if you haven’t read the book yet and plan to! I’ve… Continue reading

Published! :)

So this one got published in the Hindu on the 31st of August 2010 Text Begins: There’s something magical about the school bus and how it comes obediently to your bus stop each… Continue reading

Ravishing Rome

Day XIII; 12. 6. 2010 Lunch: Spaghetti all’ amatriciana (bacon, pecorino cheese {tastes like vomit} and chili) Dinner: Sandwich, Gelato (coffee and black cherry) I am, right now, in the train on my… Continue reading