The Colour Crisis

~ 50th Post ~ The thing is, I have been to two South-Indian states in the past 2 years, and have noticed a recurring characteristic which I don’t know to be true for… Continue reading


We took a flight at 10 AM from the IGI (The T3 terminal!! {more about that later}) to Goa via Mumbai. The flight was uneventful, the food was unremarkable (vegetarian)..but I did watch… Continue reading

You can’t catch me now ♫

It was the song that got away It had played in her background for so long she had almost forgotten about it. Sometimes, she would wake from her reverie to find comfort and… Continue reading

As they walk out the silver gates

January 28th marked a day of great emotional upheaval for me. It was the day of the School Farewell. The day we bid our seniors farewell. It is hard for me explain why… Continue reading


Phew…these holidays have been EVENTFUL I went to the Book Fair, bought 22 books and have been systematically devouring them. Some of the books and what I thought: 1. Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress… Continue reading

Dreams do come true and a rude Interruption

This blog post shall speak of two extremely interesting things that happened all on the morning of Today. I’m home because of my sickness * cough * and so have all the time… Continue reading

When Time stood Still

Today, I had an interesting experience. I was at a red light, going towards Gurgaon. Enrique’s ‘Hero’ started playing in the back and all of a sudden, it was as if time came… Continue reading

Mast Dilli

As a new year-treat, my parents decided to take my sister and I for some Dilli-darshan. For a very long time, I have been a disparager of the museums of Delhi, and you… Continue reading

You dance, and then you sing

The Church bell had tolled twice, but she continued to sit in the black window of the black tower, looking up at the crescent moon. Tonight, the moon was shining extra bright and… Continue reading

Sheila vs. Munni: The Final Verdict

I address this blog post to the interesting happenings of one particular Friday, which forced me not only to think, but also, to most forcefully assert my opinion. Now, I’m sure all of… Continue reading