Black and Gold ♫

So there is this song,
Black and Gold by Sam Sparro which I’m rather fond of.
However, the lyrics don’t make too much sense.

So, here is a brave attempt at some poetry, as I try to make some sense of the lyrics :)

Gold is not too feminine
And Black not oppressively macho
Yet Gold likes to jump and twirl,
Even as Black watches, lying low

Black has charm and that look in his eye
In his belief, he stands stoic and strong
He makes the right decisions, he has the right intentions
He can make yours feel all wrong

Gold shines with the brilliance
Of a thousand splendid suns
She sparkles up the stars
(Even the non-yellow ones)

They are the Black and Gold
You’ll find them everywhere
They’re scandalous and fast
Beyond each other, they have little to care

Gold lends her sparkle
To strengthen his profound silence
For Black’s made of so many colours
Gold hopes the rest are all pretence

And in between those particles a-fire
Rest tiny spots of Black
For the dark is what makes Gold so special
It helps keep her on track

They are different, they are the same
Like from a fire, long slivers of smoke
Neither survives without the other
Sometimes joined, sometimes broke

If one is extinguished,
The other too dies
Look up quick,
As they flirt in the abundant skies