You can’t catch me now ♫

It was the song that got away

It had played in her background for so long she had almost forgotten about it. Sometimes, she would wake from her reverie to find comfort and solace in that song.

And then, one day, it was gone.
She wasn’t even sure how long it was gone before she noticed.
But it was most definitely gone.

The emptiness pressed on her, making her feel more alone than she probably was.

And then, suddenly, she felt her mind stir with the memory of that song.
She heard it faintly at the back of her head. It seemed to be teasing her, for the moment she paused to concentrate, it would become fainter. The moment she got distracted, it would return. It played in her ears, the tune of the melody, taunting her mischievously.

The lyrics jumped up and down on her tongue.
She remembered the lyrics, but she couldn’t speak them. Every time she tried, the words would desert her, leaving her mouth a little open, a little confused.

She groped around desperately for the words, for the faintest hint of the tune, but without any luck.

She felt as though the music outside her had stolen and run away with the music inside her.
It was a hollowing feeling.