Dreams do come true and a rude Interruption

This blog post shall speak of two extremely interesting things that happened all on the morning of Today. I’m home because of my sickness * cough * and so have all the time in the world to ramble on about these two things..

First up, The dream that came True.

(I feel so Freudian writing this.)
Basically, my phone has been under the ‘protection’ of my dad for little over a month and I have been desolate, but surviving through my mom’s phone xP but still, ’tis not the same, naa?
I have had to endure many taunts about my phone-less-ness, including one extremely witty one from my mom wherein I asked her for my phone back, citing how it had been a MONTH since it had been held in captivity. My mom replies, all cool, “Toh kya anniversary manayein?” :O
Imagine that.
So anyway. Last night, I had a dream that my phone was given back to me. I have that mental image of my phone on a table, giving me that good feelin’
But, when I woke up today, I had forgotten this dream. I went down for breakfast and found my dad on the PC and as I sat down, he remarked how my phone bill (almost 2 months old now) had not been paid and how he was making the payment now. THAT triggered off the memory of dream that I recounted it to him with an air of such melancholy. And then, ofcourse I asked for it back.

And I got it!!
Ha ha, I guess dreams DO come true. It is hard to express how cool I’m feeling right now. And that’s not just ‘cuz of the phone.


Now for the Interruption.

I did not know till today that Hollywood movies do not have Intermissions!!
What would happen to all our multiplexes’ food courts and ofcourse, the Indian junta if we got rid of it?
Imagine having to sit through Jodhaa Akbar without a break. Or missing crucial explanatory parts of Inception because you were hungry, or well, needed some respite ;) Hollywood doesn’t know what its not giving its people. Don’t we love to stretch ourselves, whine about the seats, the AC or the tiny amount of overpriced popcorn PVR sells us in these very 10 minutes?
Bollywood relies so heavily on this break. The stories emerge stronger, or (most of the times) ridiculously silly after this break. Isn’t there always a most crucial development seconds before the Interval? Didn’t we see a smoky silhouette of Jaadu (in Koi…Mil Gaya) moments before being dismissed? And isn’t it curious how ‘Interval’ has become ‘Intermission’ over the years?
Delhi Times speaks passionately of doing away with the Interval (taking a cue from none other than Hollywood), but I beg to differ. We wouldn’t be Indians and our movies won’t be what they are if that happened.

To hell with Aamir Khan and his gimmicky Dhobi Ghat (It started all this tamasha by declaring itself free from intermission-ness)