When Time stood Still

Today, I had an interesting experience.

I was at a red light, going towards Gurgaon. Enrique’s ‘Hero’ started playing in the back and all of a sudden, it was as if time came to a halt. The song is slow and broody and as I looked out of the window, I caught a glimpse of the sky- beautiful with its grey and blue, with the careless brush strokes of white clouds and I was mesmerized. Cars were driving past, but I could not hear them and my brain did not seem to register that they were real.Time seemed to pass sluggishly to the tune of the song, and the sky (with the silhouette of a temple) seemed to hold the song within it. It was truly, spellbinding.

My car was at the signal for almost the entirety of the song, and as the song was about to end, the world came back to life (right on cue).

I noticed brown smoke billowing from somewhere, distorting the sky and the metro appeared on a high bridge to my left, also breaking the spell. Traffic around me started moving and the melancholy silence of the song was broken by the honking etc.

But yes, It was tres cool

On a side note, the back lights (I call them eyes) of the Volkswagen Polo are ADORABLE. They have this innocently curious, wide-eyed expression that is soooo cute!