You dance, and then you sing

The Church bell had tolled twice, but she continued to sit in the black window of the black tower, looking up at the crescent moon. Tonight, the moon was shining extra bright and the sky was full of stars. They did not twinkle; they glowed bright and huge and fiery, as if to commemorate the night.

T’was a Starry Night, the night that belonged to her and thrived for her.

It was very dark, the only light coming from the stars hanging like Chinese lanterns in the sky. The stars that were farther away winked mysteriously at her, and once or twice she heard their distant giggles as they pranced around the sky. The moon glowed with added vigour, creating a halo of gold around it. There would be no talk of the sun tonight.

She’s the one who lives in that big black swirly tower on them Starry Nights.