What I get up to…

Since, I am rather flushed with inspiration and on a crazy photographic spree, I have decided to upload a couple of pictures (3, actually) of the general randomness I like to indulge in.

1. My (part of the) Room.

The big white thing with a gazillion things stuck on it is basically, well, a whole lot of postcards I’ve collected over the years, including some Disney Paris tickets, and lots of random Italian stuff. There’s also some Movie postcards (including HP4, Rock On, Luck by Chance etc) and the big, rainbow- coloured thing is a Newton’s wheel I made, just to show my sister I could do a better job. Also, the ultimate tribute- one of the “you-should-aspire-to-look-like-this” girl’s of Ananya’s
Oh, and, over my bed, hangs a Monet :P
And yes, one wall is a rather unfortunate shade of pink :-/

2. Just a little something I made

It’s hand-painted, btw. Marvel, I say.

3. Diwali

The coolest part about this picture is that, stretched wide on my desktop as it is, it looks like you’re actually lying on the floor and looking at the diya- also, incidentally, how I took the picture.