Times of Terror

So I was just going through my files and I realized ki I’ve hardly put up any of my work here…

So, since now I am free and completely jobless, I am putting up some of my older work for you to see and shamelessly appreciate :)

28 November ’08, some time in the night.
I woke up with a start, my heart racing from fear of the nightmare I had been experiencing. I was safe in my house, tucked in my blanket, but I whitened as my mind raced to the hundreds of Mumbaikars who were living that very nightmare of terror.

On 26th November began what had been dismissed by many Indians (including me) as a minor terrorist attack, but what dragged on for sixty hours to become India’s and the world’s worst nightmare ever. Two and a half days of absolute terror, of utter helplessness, of insecurity and of mourning as lives were being taken away mercilessly by ten mere youths.

It was a feeling quite new to me. It was fear, fear of death- of the inevitable end. Did it really need to come in such a sense of cold blood? I had never really felt this way before, except when Kalpana Chawla had died. It was a feeling of loss, a deep sadness. For someone like me, it was a new first when I started crying while watching the news, and my dreams turned into horrifying nightmares, ridden with deaths and fire.

On the 30th of November, it was finally over. Or was it?

Although the nightmare has passed and Mumbai, India and the rest of the world has heaved its sigh of relief, we Indians sink into mourning as our losses hit home. Numerous lives have been taken and for their families, this traumatic experience may perhaps never be over.

In such insecure times, as responsible citizens of a nation, the least we can do is to co-operate with our sure, albeit slow government, to be cautious and most importantly, to be kind as wonder knows what hatred can lead to in troubled times such as ours.

And finally, let us salute the NSG and all those who gave up their precious lives valiantly defending their nation against forces of terror.