Va bene, Venezia? [Part deux]

Day VIII, 7.06.2010
Murano Island

Breakfast: Caramel Croissant, Cornflakes, Orange Juice (abandoned because it tasted like someone had poured the canal water in it)
Lunch (You HAVE to gasp and die when you see it) SALAD. The REAL deal!!
Dinner: Nil. Apparently, I was still digesting that salad, oh sorry, the rainforest.

Today, after a(nother) brief go through of the winding lanes of Venice and the markets, we took a boat to a glass furnace in Murano – a tiny island off the coast of Venice where the famous Murano Glass is made.

A Murano installation on the island

Inside the Chandelier Factory

We could not, unfortunately, visit the Saint Marco’s Church for time constraints and other things (dark look). The ride was lots of fun, the guy steered us at a speed that may well have been illegal and the wind was in our hair and it was really pretty.
The glass furnace was pretty cool and our guide wore cherry red pants. It was a guy- but you probably guessed that :P
This factory specialized in producing glass chandeliers and lamps- some lamps were nonsense, but others were a DREAM.
Then, we hit the streets of Murano, roaming around, window shopping (and an occasional bit of real shopping).

Kurkure necklace, anyone?

Then, we sat a long time in this canal-side restaurant having finished our lunch (if you can call eating salad that). I chose the tuna salad ‘cuz I wasn’t too hungry, but even what they gave me was way too much. Half an hour after configuring that rainforest of different coloured leaves, chunks of mozzarella and bits of tuna, I still had more than half to go. Finally, another twenty minutes later, I gave up. This is all that I left behind:


We took a boat back to the mainland and went into the Saint Marco’s church (finally!). Unfortunately, anything worth seeing meant nothing less than 2/3 euros per attraction. Now, its not that I had a problem paying, it was the fact that i had to pay to see a CHURCH that disgusted and annoyed me. Irritated, I sat in the pew for a while, grudgingly admiring this beautiful church and went around the free parts twice, and then uscita-ed (exited) quickly.

Venice, is, not all that it is made out to be.

Then, we window-shopped some MORE (:O) and then, it was Ciao Venezia!

Versace: Now WHAT is this one looking at? :P