Purple, Purses and Pizza

Day VI; 5.6.2010

Lunch: (Slices of) Pizza Napoletana (kacchi tomato sauce), Pizza Marinara (VERY salty fish)
Dinner: Salad with tomato and Mozzarella, Pizza, Lentil + Tofu Soup

Today we went to the Saturday Market on Viale Papiniano. This market can best be described as a severly upmarket version of Janpath with twice the amount of stuff and half the amount of space. And same number if people. Madness!
I also saw a spherical commode on sale…weird!!
Anyway, so there were clothes, and clothes and clothes. ALL made in India variety :S But pretty, nonetheless. Oh yeah, and Prada, Gucci and D&G- sold to you at half-price only. And obviously Italians don’t bargain. * Snooty Expression *
There were also bags, belts, hats, accessories, shoes, did I mention the bags?! * Heavenly *
I had gone looking for the bag I had seen on some girls in Como – remember? I had found the bag outside the Castello, but t’was TOO expensive and like i’ve already said, Italians don’t bargain . And certainly NOT in English/ French. I also tried on several shorts etc, but my Indian figure is just not meant for the Italian stuff at size -2. No kidding! Some of those clothes could’ve fit my 2-year-old cousin!
So anyway, here I searched desperately for that apple of my eye, but in vain :(

Or was it?

When we’d all just about given up, I saw it!!! I cried out (REALLY loudly) and ran to embrace the lovely thing!! :D
Half an hour and several dirty looks from my sister later, I was clutching my own Italian bag!!! Oh, am i happy or AM I HAPPY!!??

Anyway, on our way back home, we stopped at a Pizzeria:: The Motor Pizza. It was cool, the guy behind the counter* had a REALLY awesome tattoo. I am SO gettinga tattoo as soon as I can.

oh AND, I just saw an ad on MTV Italia for some Soda thing with Nicole Kidman and…Arjun Rampal!!! :O

We also visited the Supermarket next door and it was, like all European supermarkets are, FULL of amazing food that you just wanted to eat RIGHT NOW. But yeah, lessons in clothing sized provide a daunting reminder…

Ciao for now ;)