Music of Mongolia

Day IV; 3.6.2010

Breakfast: Plain milk, bread and butter, yoghurt
Lunch: Ham patty with lemon, salad, fruit salad (1 spoonful)
Snack: (Too many) Nachos
Snack (part 2): Horrible rice crackers
Dinner: Smoked Salmon, Salad

Dressed in Janpath’s lovely offerings, we visit the most stylish street in all of Milano (and maybe even in Italie). Prada, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Cartier and some other smaller names- all converge on this Italian spin-off of a back-alley Champs- Elyse’es.


I see, and fall in love with some beautiful pieces of art (read: shoes).

Shoes at Versace * Lovely *

I fall out of love with Dior. It’s really horrible. Fashions just not the same anymore…
* sigh *
I prefer instead, to ogle at the fashion I see on the street on the very fashionable people.

We were headed for a concert of Mongolian Music. The stage where the band performed was very cool. All pebbly and patterned etc. The band played some really loud, and really ‘folk’some music. Very likable.

The Band

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have guessed that I saw a whole lot of Italians who had dressed up and come out to (watch the band) play ;) , making it truly a royal feast for the eyes.

The bus ride home was L-O-N-G and cold. At the bus stop, a wind was blowing hard, but thankfully, we had the D&G store right across us, so we could gaze wistfully at the centrally heated interior and wish we were home. Sheesh. But I must say, I enjoyed the ride back home. The bus was cozy and warm and felt really good after the 16 minutes at the cold bus-stop. I sat with my back to the driver, such that the bus moved in the backwards direction for me; it gave me swooping-sensations in the tummy :O I also saw, and tried to click a picture of the Citroen Xsara Picasso, but the bus was too fast :(

Home. Food. Sleep. :)

Armani Jeans

Don’t these building remind you of the time when we used to draw buildings and make lots of windows on them and then laugh to ourselves as we imagined a building like that actually existing?!
Well. Here you have Armani, ‘Making the dreams of tiny Indian children come true’. :D