Ciao, Castello!

Day V; 4.6.2010

Lunch: Weird Potato stuff (known as Gnochhi) + weird Tomato Sauce, Life-saving Parmesan
Snack: Lemon (Limone) + Vanilla Chocolate Chip (Stracciatella) Gelato
Dinner: Lentil Soup, Tikki with ham and mozzarella

Today shall be known as the day I ruined a beautiful bed sheet. That’s right. I left my pen, with the cap off on this really pretty pink bed sheet and ruined it…forevermore :(
To make up for that, I took a couple of our hostess’s daughter’s old clothes..yeah that’s me. The horrible, bed-sheet-ruining-clothes-taking little girl from India :S

SO anyway…

This evening, we went to Milano’s Castello- a medieval and beautiful (duh) castle that we had crossed each time we went anywhere in Milan.

Castello Courtyard

We were accompanied by our babysitter of sorts, Alina (who is, just by the way, the mother of a recently betrothed 18 year old; absolutely impossible to tell)

[I was called away from my writing by my sister to see a ‘shooting star’. Obviously, this was the first time she saw a jet plane :P Happens to the best of us, dear sis.. ;) ]

The Cstello was cool, really old and grand and all that. Kinda boring too, since we had no clue why all these huge paintings/sculptures/pieces of furniture were all there and what was so marvellous about them. The one thing that I could appreciate was the grandeur. There was a massive courtyard and there were all these huge arches and all.. Italians lived in style. They still do.

I have collected numerous sheets that describe each room of the Castello in a painfully detailed way: their time shall come…hopefully :P

Now, this makkaar bed sheet-ruining pen is becoming scratchy..
Curses be on it!! * shakes fist *