George and Gelato

Day III; 2 Guigno, 2010

Breakfast: Same as earlier, minus the banana
Lunch: McChicken, Fries, Coke
Snack: Green Apple (Mela Verde) Gelato {the cone tasted all burnt-out, so that ended up in the bin}
Dinner: Spinach Ravioli

Today, we went to Lake Como or, Lago di Como.

Lago di Como

Car, metro and finally train, we were there. In the train, we sat across two couples who just couldn’t get enough, but we survived without too much damage. Here I saw two girls with a LOVELY bag that I REALLY want…do I get it? We’ll find out :P
The train ride wasn’t too long and the view was shockingly un-spectacular. Seriously, if it’s countryside scenery you want to be struck dumb by, stay away from Italy. The farms look almost Indian, but the houses are lovely, lovely, LOVELY. The kind that are waiting for you to come live in them.

Once we arrived, we went to do what you do when you go to a lake. You take a boat ride!
My sister and me (unwisely) chose to sit on the upper deck, right in the front row. Obviously, that was a bad idea since, not only did we freeze to death (in the SUN), but we also managed to murder our hair by inflicting the ruthless wind on it. I could actually feel myself flapping in the wind. But still, it was fun. Also, Lake Como is where George Clooney has (multiple, I hear) house(s). Obviously, I looked at every house and hoped George Clooney would suddenly appear in the garden, but no such luck, unfortunately.

Does George Clooney live here? ...

...or here?

Then, once it was over, we hit the streets of the town. I loved how this old-looking town had distinctly new-looking stuff. Again, the old and new combine, not collide.

We visited the Duomo here too.

Never ask the time here

Not a patch on the Milan one and awfully quiet, but still. In the Duomo, I got told off for talking! I mean, hello!!! I was just asking what time it is!!! Sheesh. I decided to dislike this Duomo.

Oh yeah and, we saw some women with 6-year olds who did not look like their mothers AT ALL. Like, no way.

Back at home, we were treated to a spectacular sunset…

Pepperoni Pizza sky